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The Dutch have an eternal war with water. They have conquered the sea and floods, but it was a hard fight. The Dutch built dikes to protect the country against floods. Windmills were used to pump the water out of the areas below sea level and later to drain lakes into polders, because of the need for more land. The Dutch polders are now famous scenery in Holland. The Dutch also made a large dam (Afsluitdijk) to separate the Southern Sea (Zuiderzee) from the North Sea and turned it into a giant lake, the IJsselmeer. Later on, the province of Flevoland was created as a large polder island in the IJsselmeer.

Delta Works
The most recent big flood was in 1953 during a giant storm. The province of Sealand (Zeeland) was flooded after the collapse of several dikes and more than 1,800 people drowned. The Dutch government decided that this must never happen again and they initiated the Delta Works, a project that lasted almost 50 years with big dikes, dams and storm surge barriers, which was completed in 1997. Before that time it was already famous worldwide. Now, the American Society of Civil Engineers recognizes it as one of the seven wonders of modern world. Since the Dutch are famous for water management, they are hired for projects all over the world.

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