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Mallorca Weekly News | Spain Opens, Hotel Price Hikes, Car Hire & more

In Mallorca Weekly News for the 23 May 2022, I will talk about how Spain opens to tourism allowing unvaxed travellers from Third Countries to holiday in Mallorca.

I will also outline the new start Spain entry requirements and how they will now make travel easier.

I also talk about Hotel Price Hikes, here in Mallorca and why June just may be the best time to travel this Summer.

Also, I tell you how you can save money when you are hiring a car when you are filling up at the petrol station.

Plus there’s a Mallorca weather forecast for the week ahead.

The new Spain Entry Requirements were announced in the BOE (Official State Bulletin) annouced on Saturday.

You can also read more about this and other Mallorca Weekly News by visiting my website here.

The article contains all the official links to offical Governement Sources so you can check you meet the correct criteria before entering the country.

These are Entry Requirements to Spain clearly outlined if you are in any doubt

Don’t forget it is your responsibility to check before you travel. All information here is intended as a guide.

If you would like to check out the official link to the BOE statement, you can see it here (in Spanish)
Link to the BOE statement:

0:00 Intro
0:07 Spain Entry Requirements
2:19 Spain Entry Requirements for children
2:50 Who needs the Spanish QR code passenger locator?
3:24 Hotel price hikes in Mallorca
5:15 How to save on car hire costs in Mallorca
6:17 Mallorca Weather Forecast

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