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Ella Romand at The Monastery Festival in Germany

Ella Romand

The Carl Kruse Arts Blog salutes the yearly festival, which convenes again in Goth, Germany – July 28 – August 1, 2022

BERLIN, GERMANY, June 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — It’s the sort of sound that makes you wonder whether you’re in a dream.

Drifting vocals flood the speakers, meandering like water dripping off of the edge of a rocky crevice then plunging down into the depths of the pool below.

A deep drone echoes through the electronica, resounding through your chest. This is Lucid, Ella Romand’s remix with Enchanted Kids and Emily Zuzik released in 2021.

A tribal beat, with the deftly controlled sound of maracas coating the rising piano tune with a shower of soft, bead-like droplets. A husky voice begins to caress the rhythm, tremoring with an audible fragility. It drifts and disperses among the instruments, then suddenly, heartbreakingly howls into the night: ‘I called out your name.’ This repeated line is then lost in the surrounding bath of intoxicating sound. This is Ella Romand and Emi Garth’s Your Name, released in 2020.

French-Brazilian artist Romand began her musical career as a classical pianist and went on to study Music Technology at Florida International University where she first started experimenting with blending a culturally diverse set of sounds in order to create her now-recognizable synth-house compositions.

Thanks to her enduring musical creativity and her ability to consistently produce such a variable and exciting array of tracks, Romand has had the opportunity to play alongside such DJs and artists as Bedouin, Behrouz, Eli & Fur, and Lee Burridge. Currently residing in Miami, Romand most often plays for her residency clubs, which include Treehouse and Do Not Sit On The Furniture in South Florida, as well as performing at numerous festivals and events including Ill Points, Cityfox Experience, The Gardens of Babylon, Solaris Weekend, and Ultra. Romand’s solo career, which she embarked upon after initially touring with her electronic group Dsided, has revealed her insatiable curiosity and versatility within her music, even leading her to be invited to perform, compose, and co-produce alongside over 80 other artists with the New World Symphony to create a unique blend of electronic and classical music.

Romand has had the opportunity to perform worldwide, including many U.S. states as well as in Europe, the Caribbean, and South America, but her heart still lies in the underground club scene of Miami. Most recently, Romand has been pursuing a career in podcasting and radio through her audio series Ellaments, which invites exciting and promising emerging artists and labels of Deep, Progressive, Afro, and Melodic House, as well as hosting women-led events to promote inclusion and diversity in the electronic scene.

This July, Romand will be performing on the German-Netherlands border at Kloster Graefenthal in Goch, Germany, where attendees will live, dance, eat, and sleep within the walls of the Monastery, in the picturesque and lush surroundings of the distract of Kleve, in North Rhine-Westphalia. This is The Monastery Festival, hosted by the family at The Gardens of Babylon, where for three days both artists and invitees will enjoy a deep dive into a magical meld of spirituality, which includes meditation, healing, massage, and mantra-singing; workshops, which include headdress-creation, hoop dancing, and hand pan; talks on a variety of topics such as sustainability and spirituality; yoga, including a variety of forms not limited to yin, vinyasa, acro, and hot; and a variety of music such as tribal, folk, electronic, world, and house.

The Monastery, or Kloster Graefenthal, traces its history back to 1248, and was founded by Count Otto II of Guelders (Dutch Gelre) who served as Floris V’s (Count of Holland and Zeeland from 1256 to 1296) guardian until he was capable, at age 12 in 1266, of administering Holland alone. Count Otto’s Monastery is now host to numerous diverse events, including markets, parties, weddings, and festivals, including The Monastery Festival, where Romand will bathe the adjacent fields of green with her dreamy tones and rhythms. An event not to be missed. Check out the rest of the line-up at https://m.facebook.com/events/oh-my-goch-germany/the-monastery-festival-experience-2022/765743787220779/.


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