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Cybersecurity Industry Lags Behind CISA “Shields Up” Recommendations

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — (Overland Park, Kansas) “The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) ‘Shields Up’ campaign is a welcome acknowledgment that individuals and companies must recognize the magnitude of cyber threats and attacks and step up their protective countermeasures, but the cybersecurity industry is unprepared for the challenge,” cybersecurity developer Dan Butler said today.

Butler, CEO of VoodooSoft, LLC, said that most cybersecurity schemes fall short on two fronts, they don’t adequately prevent attacks and are not user-friendly for most users, something he contends is essential.

Butler said that the first problem stems from the shortcomings in cybersecurity solutions. “In response to the dramatic increase in cyber-attacks in the last few years, cybersecurity vendors have jumped on the zero-trust bandwagon. But only a handful of vendors offer products based on true zero-trust principles, and of the ones that do, even fewer are user-friendly enough to be practical at the endpoint.” Butler explained.

“In 2011 we started building VoodooShield on the principle of deny-by-default. VoodooShield was ‘zero-trust’ long before the term was coined and became the next ‘cool thing’ in cybersecurity.”

For the last 11 years, VoodooSoft has operated in semi-stealth mode, quietly building their deny-by-default, zero-trust cybersecurity solution that functions as a lock rather than a filter – the industry standard – knowing this day would come.

“VoodooShield was able to block the recent Follina malware attack on day zero and in its earliest stage. In fact, VoodooShield has been protecting against this attack vector since March 2015. How many zero-trust or other cybersecurity vendors can make this claim?” Butler added.

The second problem, Butler says, is that most security products are not user-friendly or visible to the end-user, which removes them from the security chain.

“The trend for the past eight or so years has been to make cybersecurity software as silent and invisible as possible to the end-user,” he said. “That is why most cybersecurity products do not align well with the CISA ‘Shields Up’ campaign and fail to sufficiently protect endpoints, networks, and critical infrastructure. Cybersecurity measures should be highly visible, and end-users should be active participants in stopping cyber-attacks, including being constantly informed and educated about current and new threats.”

“We made VoodooShield user-friendly so users would realize the importance of protecting data and devices by alerting them of threats and giving them, or a system administrator, options. Because VoodooShield is so unique, the best way to understand its profound difference from other less effective cybersecurity products is to simply try it,” Butler explained.

“By making it user-friendly and understandable, even users with no technical knowledge can use VoodooShield to protect their data and devices. As a result, we didn’t have to hide it from them, and that in turn, raised the user’s awareness of attempted cyber-attacks. Their shields are always up.”


About VoodooSoft

VoodooSoft, LLC is a software development company in Overland Park, Kansas known globally for its patented VoodooShield anti-malware software. Founded in 2011, the company has also developed WhitelistCloud, a patent-pending customized whitelist software, DefenderUI, a user-friendly dashboard for Windows Defender, an Anti-Malware Contextual Engine and an Anti-Exploit Mechanism that many vendors utilize today.

For information: www.voodooshield.com

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