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4K Buzzraw E-Bike Scenic Ride Around Brabrandstien Denmark

Here I try my first 4K ride-along video on my Coast Cycles Buzzraw E250. It’s a rather noisy 250W pedal assist e-bike. Hopefully you can still enjoy the fabulous Brabranstien cycle route. It has dedicated paths with amazing lake and forest views. You find it to the West of the City of Aarhus, Denmark.

I love this truly world-class cycle lane infrastructure! Here we ride it in low sun with new leaves covering many of the trees to the South side of Brabrand Sø.

If you like this kind of video please leave a comment. I am experimenting with camera POVs. Please also let me know what you prefer:

Option 1 action-focused low angles and over-the-shoulder POV (tested at the end of this video).

Option 2 tour-focused higher angles with less sense of speed and a more relaxed feel (the POV for the video’s main content).

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Originally published at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezxtB2UG5UQ

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