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NFT’s v Real Art / Which is the BEST INVESTMENT for you?

Don’t worry, this is not going to be complicated! I’m going to compare NFT’s against real, physical artworks and work out which is the best investment FOR YOU…Real art, or cyber art?
Let me know your opinion…or experience !

NFT for those of you who don’t know stands for Non-fungible token…an NFT is a piece of digital art. Artwork that you can’t touch, look at in any sensible way or hang on your wall…It’s exists on your computer, or your mobile phone only. It’s a bit like crypto currency, if that helps.

An NFT is a token, a serial number I suppose. Each number is unique, so only one of each number exists. If you own the number, you own the NFT, or the NFT piece of art…which doesn’t exsisit in the real world!

So, yes NFT’s are a bit like crypto currencies and people have been making fortunes out of them recently…and I mean millions of pounds and millions of dollars. Even Christie’s the auction house has jumped on board. They recently so;d an NFT, a digital artwork by an artist called BEEPLE. They sold Beetle’s NFT for they for 69 million dollars!

Now, when making investments these days, we’re all encouraged to do it ethically…right;y so. Art and antiques are amongst the most environmentally friendly investments on the planet…it’s obvious really.

But NFT’s are traded far more often than traditional artworks and often hundreds of times a day. With each transaction there’s an environmental cost…sounds odd I know, but it’s true, trading NFT’s use’s a lot of technology and therefore energy …they use a lot of electricity…so NFT’s are actually not very environmentally friendly

But what about the best investments. We all need money, and I’m all for making money, but we seem to be forgetting what pleasure can be gained from owning real objects…practical, or beautiful, or just useful things

So, what about the investment comparison I’ve mentioned …you assumed I was just talking only about money didn’t you…well, to a point, but an investment isnt always only about money

No, it’s not all about the money…Investing in traditional artworks, as in physical pieces you can hang on the wall, look at and touch can bring real human pleasure…feelings! Do you remember those…real human feelings…emotional reactions to a real life piece of art

When you look at an artwork you really like, the feeling it gives you…you get the same feeling when you see a beautiful sight in nature, looking at your dog, your new car out of a window, a painting of your wife or a snap shot of your husband

These are the kind of pleasures I’m talking about. Genuine emotional reactions, physical reactions too…the little things that make you feel alive
…even remind you that you’re alive!

Now, how much pleasure can you get looking at an email confirmation that you’ve just bought a set of numbers, a digital NFT? …no pleasure…please convince me I’m wrong!

You could argue that you get pleasure from seeing your NFT value go up on your computer…but with owning NFT’s, you need to factor in the stress and the worry. Checking email every morning to check on their values…all of the time worrying that the market is going to crash. All of this effects the pleasure in the investing and should be factored in when deciding what to invest your money in

I just think that sometimes taking a step back from technology and it’s advancements, for peace of mind and general well being, makes sense…why not invest your money in something like an antique 200 year old sideboard? You can buy a super one for well under £1000 and the pleasure you’ll get from it will be immense. Just looking at it and especially using it, does this.

Just think of all the family celebrations, parties and Xmas dinners. And I promise you, using an investment like an antique sideboard will bring you great pleasure. Using an antique investment even makes the food and wine taster better!

And what about investing in a proper antique painting, a piece of art. Something that you can genuinely hang on your wall. An investment piece of art will come with a great back story. You can learn the history of the painting and of the artist

These are physical assets that stimulate your senses…they live with you and they give you a little bit of pleasure…dare I say happiness each time you look at them

So, I’m all for physical assets / investment that stimulate the senses …these for me are the best investments…What about you?

Do you have any interesting antiques for me to feature here on my channel? What about interesting antiques or art you want to sell?…let me know and if I can make an informative, entertaining video on the subject, I’d love to get involved…get on touch!

Email me pictures of your antiques! [email protected]

Cheers, David Harper

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