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NFT Investing Update – 27/Oct/2021

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All trading/investing involves risk. Only risk capital you’re prepared to lose.
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0:00 – Intro
00:20 – Sotheby’s NFT Auction
00:39 – Sotheby’s Auction Quiz
05:49 – My NFT Portfolio
07:40 – Warning – I’m a Noob!
08:14 – Damien Hirst – The Currency NFT
09:10 – Mooncats NFT
11:04 – Meebits NFT
11:56 – “Blue Chip” NFTs
12:41 – My Decentraland Property Deed
13:21 – Pudgy Penguins NFT
13:53 – NFT Creator Royalties – Time to Get Pro?
18:34 – Robotos NFT
20:02 – Robotos NYC Convention Plans 🙂
23:13 – Genuine Human Art – ‘Toy Dreams’

About The Video:

Here’s my first NFT investing Update. I thought it was about time to start talking about my NFTs, and some of the things I’ve found out about NFT investing along the way…

I start with a look back at the recent Sothebys auction which I mentioned at the beginning of my last video:

Some NFTs sold for A LOT of money, so I’ve set up a tiny quiz to see if you can guess the correct amounts of the recent auction sales…

I then start to have. a look at my portfolio, talking along the way about some of the things I’ve learned so far. Are there ‘Blue Chip’ NFTs? NFTs which might somehow be more able than others to ride through volatility and preserve value better than other projects?

How are the new teams , recently wealthy from successful NFT launches going to transition into teams capable of safeguarding their newly created brands? Is it still the Wild West out there, or are more traditional corporate structures beginning to form around successful projects? Do traditional structures need to form for long term success or is there another way?

I don’t have answers yet – the questions are only now really forming, but it’s interesting to see some of these ideas begin to play out in this newly explored space.

I show some of the projects I’ve invested in – my Damien Hirst ‘Currency’ NFT, my ‘Meebits’ NFT produced by the creators of the ‘cryptopunks’. I take a look at my ‘mooncats’ NFT from 2017, my ‘Pudgy Penguins’ from this year with its brightly coloured illustrations. I show my ‘Robotos’ NFT and talk about the team’s plans for next week’s New York City NFT extravanganza/convention, and breifly touch on the community side of the space and how sometimes that can be a lovely bonus to what is essentially a financial investment. Lastly I show an NFT I love by an artist called ‘Genuine human Art’ – a piece I bought more with my heart than with my head, but who knows, maybe the two can make great decisions together sometimes.

I can’t say this enough – but none of this should be taken as financial advice. Overall, I’ve lost money on my NFTs so far – I’m still just learning and passing on the scraps I’ve learnt here and there. NFTs are so volatile and risky, they make forex trading look safe, so I can’t stress enough that I’m an amateur and this is just for educational/entertainment purposes as you watch me try to justify putting little suits on cat pictures whilst pretending I’m an adult 🙂

If you’d like to find out more about NFTs and ‘The Metaverse’ watch my playlist on My Damien Hirst NFT here:

Here’s my series on how I pick new traders to copy:

Etoro Beginners Playlist:

Affiliate Disclosure:

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