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Next 10 Hot Stocks: r/wallstreetbets Python PRAW analysis ๐Ÿ”ฅ

How to get the next 10 hot stocks through Python Analysis on wallstreetbets. Today, we did Python PRAW analysis to extract real-time data from wallstreetbets Reddit forum, then we got the next 10 hot stocks.๐Ÿ‘‡Click “Show More” to learn more:

Strategy to get 10 hot stocks: In the top section of wallstreetbets reddit forum, we analyzed number of times a company ticker has been discussed. The more the number, the hotter the stock.

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Intro (0:00)
Strategy to get the next 10 hot stocks (1:06)
Setting up Praw API in Python (1:36)
Using Praw to get data from wallstreetbets Reddit forum (5:30)
Finding next 10 hot stocks (8:25)
Analyzing next 10 hot stocks (11:15)
Outro (12:10)

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