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Tamaki: Gay or European?

Song: “There! Right! There!”
Music from: Legally Blonde: The Musical. Original Broadway Cast Recording.
Anime: Ouran High School Host Club


So this is my SECOND AMV but my FIRST real try at lip-syncing.
I know it needs improvement but please bear with me. ._.;
Anyway, I saw Legally Blonde: The Musical a while I ago and I SWEAR when they sang this song Tamaki was the FIRST thing that came into mind.
Seriously, I love the Tama/Haru pairing but if all of a sudden he came out of the closet in the middle of the series I would not have been in the least bit surprised. XD;;

The Players:

Haruhi – Elle
Tamaki – Nikos
Kyouya – Carlos
Hikaru – Callahan
Kaoru – Emmett
Hunny – Vivienne
Mori – Warner
Renge – Enid

Enjoy! X3


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