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Torrens University has the American culture of 'entrepreneurship and success'

Torrens University President Linda Brown says Laureate International Universities, which backed the instituting of Torrens University in Australia, has brought to it a culture of entrepreneurship, success, accountability and industry partnership.

America and Australia, as they emerge out of the pandemic, face the challenge of educating young people to be job ready.

Torrens is the first new university in Australia in 20 years, built from scratch with a big US back up.

Ms Brown says of Torrens, “Bill Clinton was our chancellor, we had Condi Rice on our academic board, so we really were created on the shoulders of giants.”

“I think that attitude and that American culture of entrepreneurship and success and accountability, industry partnerships, is really what we’ve brought to this university.”

This year, Torrens has been sold to another NASDAQ listed American giant, Strategic Education, for $900 million.

Strategic Education CEO Karl McDonnell said his country was very excited to be partnering with Australia in such a way.

“The mission of our organisation is focused on economic mobility which is the thought that education should be the vehicle through which a person can get a better job, earn more over his or her lifetime, so we very much like the fact that Torrens and the affiliated assets focus on that practical relevant, employer type skills that are in demand today,” Mr McDonnell said.

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