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PES 2015 – Confirmed News [HD]

PES 2015 – Confirmed News [HD]
I m very happy with this informations and for now everything looks good but we hope that thay wont mess up this time like they used to in PES 2014!

Adam Bhatti on twitter :

“It was a pleasure to confirm Stadium Editor returns, with huge improvements. Also, 2nd divisions for the first time. AND licensed managers. Those asking exactly what is licensed, and who licensed managers are, we’ll detail later in the year. For now, enjoy the news 🙂 ”

Adam Bhatti interviewed by Italian TV program “Gamerland”:

– The idea of recreating the true PES feeling is what has fueled the development of PES 2015;
– Each team have its own manager with specific characteristics that will reflect on the team;
– There’re new menu, stats updated weekly, and also weekly updates for injuries, player status or transfers;
– You can also create new managers. PES 2015 will have some managers licenses. Managers will apply their own style to their teams;
– Fabio Caressa (and Luca Marchegiani) will be the commentators for PES 2015 italian version;
– Second divisions for Italy, England and Spain (not sure if licensed);
– Stadium editor, with many new options;
– Improved offline ML, especially transfers;
– My Club will replace MLO, and thanks to this new mode it’ll be possible to create your own team, also thanks to microtransactions;
– Improved crowd sound effects;
– Time lapse with dynamic shadows;
– If you start a match on afternoon, when the evening is coming, the shadow will change in a dynamic way;
– 1080p and 60 fps are confirmed.

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