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Moving to GERMANY from VENEZUELA – 46 QUESTIONS to Eric!

Hey rabbits!
Long has it been requested, now we finally did it. In this video I ask Eric 46 (!) questions about how it was for him to move from South America to Germany. I hope you guys enjoy it! 🙂

01:06 When and why did you decide to leave Venezuela?

02:11 Why did you decide for Germany?

02:47 What other countries did you consider and why?

03:15 What was your biggest hope and fear concerning the move to Germany?

04:11 What did your friends and family say when you told them about your plans to leave the country?

04:58 Did you need to apply for a visa?

05:59 How did you come here, how was the journey?

06:07 When did you come to Germany, what city did you arrive in and how was the weather like?

06:39 What did you bring with you when you moved to Germany?

07:17 What did you do right after you arrived?

07:26 Where did you live during your first weeks in Germany?

07:53 What was the first thing that you found to be different from Venezuela?

08:31 What did you like the most about Germany at first?

08:57 What was the first thing you disliked about Germany?

09:23 Have you noticed that people treated you differently or even bad as a foreigner?

09:59 What differences to people from South America did you notice in the German people?

11:15 How was it to be separated from your friends and family?

12:25 How and how often do you communicate with your family and your friends back in Venezuela?

12:55 What did and do you do to overcome homesickness?

13:41 Did you doubt your decision to come to Germany at some point and actually considered returning to Venezuela? Why was that and what made you stay in the end?

14:50 How and when did you manage to find a job in Germany?

15:43 Did you find friends in Germany? How quickly and under which circumstances?

16:32 Have you ever been back to Venezuela since you moved to Germany?

17:12 Have friends or family members visited you in Germany so far?

18:01 Could you imagine going back to Venezuela one day?

18:17 How is the situation in your home country right now?

19:50 What do you hope for Venezuela’s future?

21:21 Do your family and friends ask you to come back or do they generally approve your decision?

21:49 Would you like your friends and family to follow you to Germany or at least Europe?

22:38 What do your friends and family think about Germany?

22:51 How long do you live in Germany now already? How is your current life situation (job, flat, friends, partnership)?

23:38 Do you like the German language, how would you describe it?

24:02 Did you learn German and if yes, how?

24:38 How good are your German language skills by now? Can you give us an example?

25:06 Do you like the German food? What do you like to eat and what don’t you like?

26:53 Do you like the German girls?

27:32 Do you actually feel like a “German” by now?

28:08 How would you describe Germany in 3 words?

29:02 What differs you from a native German?

29:24 What advice would you give a person that wants to move from South America to Germany?

30:21 Is there something that you would like to change about Germany?

30:46 What do you miss the most from Venezuela?

31:47 Is your family proud of you for moving to Germany all on your own?

32:03 What is the best thing that happened to you during your whole time in Germany?

32:20 Looking back – what would you tell your past self about moving to Germany?

32:35 And after all: did Germany meet your hopes and expectations – was it a good decision?

All used pictures are personal pictures that we took ourselves.







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„Slow Motion Warp” by CouchMango (soundbible.com)
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