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DON'T MOVE TO NORWAY! 11 REASONS Why You Should NEVER Move to and Live in Norway

You should never ever move to Norway. I have at least 11 reasons why you should think twice before you decide to live in Norway.

00:00 Welcome to Deserted Norway on Sunday – every Sunday in Norway is like this
01:22 1️⃣ Learning Norwegian Language
02:35 2️⃣ Climate in Norway
04:50 3️⃣ Weather in Norway changes all the time
05:31 4️⃣ Outdoor Activities in Norway
06:35 5️⃣ You will have to WORK HARD
07:50 6️⃣ Norwegian food & Norwegian Ingredients
08:45 7️⃣ Norway is NOT a PARTY CULTURE
10:23 8️⃣ Smoking & Drinking in Norway
11:38 9️⃣ Missing your friends & family
12:20 🔟 Never complain in Norway (to the strangers on the bus)
13:17 1️⃣1️⃣ You will never become 100% Norwegian

📍 1 – Learning new language – Norwegian is a rare language.

If you think about it, the population of Norway is 5 million 747 thousand people. And those people speak 3 official language of Norway:
And Sami

So if you are not willing to study Norwegian and start learning it well in advance – you better don’t move to Norway.

📍 2 – Adjusting to the new climate
I’m getting this question a lot – how can you handle winter in Norway?
My usual answer is – I can handle it with no issues and with a great pleasure!

📍 3 – You are weather dependant
Like you can’t work or you can’t create when the sun doesn’t shine.

That’s different. And you’ll have to change your attitude I’m afraid. As the weather in Norway might change 10 times a day – especially autumn and spring time. And it’s gona be much shorter days winter time.

📍4 – You don’t like outdoor activities.

In Norway people spend their time outdoors all year around.
Summer is ideal for hiking, winter is perfect for skiing and snowboarding.
The house is just a hub to pack your lunch and discuss your future outdoor adventures.

📍5 – You will have to work hard. Much harder than you worked in your country of origin.

If in your own country you are native, in any new country you will be a guest for a long time. And you will need to invest into society first to be accepted there and win your own place there

📍 6 – You will miss your local food and ingredients

In Norway you will have to learn how to cook from local ingredients. Norwegian ingredients are not bad at all! Check local supermarkets in Norway and find exactly what you like

📍 7 – You will not party as you used to in Norway
I repeat it’s not a party culture!

Party in Norway is happening different way – every Saturday or Sunday if you go hiking you’ll meet a lot of people doing the same.
That’s where Norwegian party and social life happening – outdoors!

Also we are having dinners with friends here. But that dinner will be with much less alcohol compare to some other European countries and most probably by 10pm everyone will go back home.

📍8 – You are smoking
It’s bad anywhere in the world but in Norway it’s also insanely expensive.

Let’s have a look at maths:
1 pack of Marlboro red is NOK = US Dollars
If you smoke even a half pack a day, 1 year of smoking in Norway will cost you about €2 555

📍9 – You will miss your family and friends
That’s 100% and you cannot do much about it. But remember, this is your choice to change the country so you are the only to be responsible for your decision.

Advice here: regular visits – both sides combined with modern technology- face time, teams.
I know it’s not the same but it’s a part of the process and you have to be prepared for it.

📍10 – If you like complaining to strangers- especially on the bus, if you like judging people and always know best how they should behave and what they should wear, if you can’t deal with your curiosity and keep asking everyone around why they don’t have kids yet or when they are planning to get married and it seems it too late anyway – you better don’t come to Norway.

📍 11 – You will never be Norwegian. Let me put it this way: you will never adjust yourself 100%. You’ll always have an accent – if you are moving the countries at the age of 20 and above – 99% you’ll have an accent.

It’s not your nationality what makes you special, it’s your own actions.

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