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Coffee Culture in Italy – How To Buy and Enjoy Great Italian Coffee

Here it is – under 10 minutes all you need to know about how to buy and enjoy great coffee in Italy and how to navigate in Italy’s coffee bars.

Registered dietician nutritionist, Carol Amendola D’Anca, is licensed in the state of IL (164.006080) and certified as a nutrition specialist. Additionally, she holds a master’s degree in nutrition from Rosalind Franklin University of Health and Science/The Chicago Medical School.
She holds dual citizenship with both Italy and the U.S. and is the host of an annual lifestyle immersion trip to Italy where small groups experience the “real” Italy and the lifestyle that promotes longevity.
Her approach to health and longevity is a “whole health” approach with proven solutions that work.
Her presentations at medical conferences, community organizations, personal nutrition consulting and online courses have inspired healthful changes in the lives of thousands of people.
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