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Phil Collins Gives Devastating Health Update

For the past two decades, Genesis fans have been incredibly worried about drummer Phil Collins’ health. In 2007, the legendary musician infamously suffered a back injury on tour that left him seemingly altered for life. After the injury, the musician was said to have had to completely relearn how to use his hands. Even after undergoing spinal surgery, his hands still don’t work the same. This is why Phil won’t be playing the drums on Genesis’ upcoming tour.

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With more and more news coming out about Genesis’ upcoming tour, more and more revelations have also been made about Phil’s current health. According to the musician, he is now almost entirely unable to hold onto a drumstick, let alone keep rhythm with one. Because of this, Phil has hired his son to take his place as Genesis’ drummer on the upcoming tour. Phil has also shared that he expects this tour to be the band’s last due to his failing health in old age.

In addition to Phil’s failing health, he is also currently undergoing a tumultuous divorce from his third wife. This divorce is made all the more notable due to the fact that the two have already divorced once previously, in 2006. The divorce also oddly lines up with the marriage of Phil’s daughter, Lily, who recently had a beautiful ceremony that Phil may or may not have been invited to. Join Facts Verse as Phil Collins gives us a devastating health update.

Phil Collins Gives Devastating Health Update


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