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FlackTek SpeedMixer® Named Most Innovative Cannabis Technology Platform 2021 by Global Health and Pharma

FlackTek SpeedMixer® Named Most Innovative Cannabis Technology Platform 2021 by Global Health and Pharma

LANDRUM, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — FlackTek SpeedMixer® has been recognized by Global Health and Pharma (GHP), and their publication GHP News, as the Most Innovative Cannabis Technology Platform for 2021. The Global Health & Pharma magazine was initially launched to act as an information-sharing platform for those in the health care and pharmaceutical industries. It has expanded its scope to “magnify the work of those that are setting the pace and looking to change their respective sectors for the better.”

FlackTek SpeedMixer services over 40 industries—from aerospace and cosmetics to food and pharmaceuticals—including cannabis. Our FlackTek SpeedMixer® is utilized in extraction labs and production kitchens because our cannabis clients need fast, repeatable and better-quality mixing for their end-products,” stated Ted Reynolds, Cannabis Account Manager. “We can meet those rigorous standards. With our top-of-the-line equipment and technical support, we differentiate ourselves and our clients reap the benefits.”

Reynolds handles dozens of cannabis-specific accounts across the U.S. and is regarded within the industry as one of the industry’s earliest adopters — pioneering the use of SpeedMixer™ for cannabis applications. “Cannabis had already driven several technology innovations for SpeedMixer™ and will continue to do so,” stated Reynolds. With the FlackTek SpeedMixer®, cannabis clients can create a diverse array of products such as budders/badders, live resin, infused flower, vape formulations, edibles, emulsions, and more.

Located in a state-of-the art manufacturing facility next to the Rocky Mountains, FlackTek SpeedMixer leverages decades worth of mixing knowledge combined with the highest grade sourced parts. FlackTek upholds the highest quality standards, reputation and recognition for mixing performance and service across the U.S. The FlackTek SpeedMixer® utilizes dual asymmetric centrifugal technology for top-quality homogenizing, solvent removal, grinding and formulating in a single machine.

FlackTek is highly regarded—as evidenced by the recent Global Health and Pharma award— for its attention to detail across every part of the machine configuration process from model selection and implementation to supply orders and billing. Plus, FlackTek’s exceptional field team travels across the country to provide invaluable preventative maintenance and service for its customers.

About FlackTek SpeedMixer, Inc

Headquartered in Landrum, South Carolina, FlackTek has been providing customers with mixing solutions since 1996. With a core focus on quality and performance, it strives to deliver industry-best results at every point in the mixing process. To that end, it offers SpeedMixer™ machines in a wide range of sizes, supplies, and accessories for all scales of needs ranging from R&D to production, as well as in-depth training, technical service, laboratory mixing help and customer support.

For more information about FlackTek SpeedMixer®https://www.speedmixer.com.

To see the complete SpeedMixer™ GHP Innovation award ghp-news.com/issues/q2-2022/28/


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FlackTek SpeedMixer Inc
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