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post study abroad q&a | living in london + traveling europe experience

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00:00 – Intro
01:49 – Do you wish you traveled more or less while you were in London?
02:27 – What thing took the longest to get used to in London?
02:44 – Did you date a British guy?
02:56 – Have you experienced any reverse culture shock?
04:20 – Is it expensive to travel to all the other European countries you visited?
04:39 – How did it feel to be away from your family for so long?
05:29 – Did your trip live up to your expectations?
07:22 – How did this trip change your perspective on your life?
09:04 – Could you see yourself living in Europe full time?
10:07 – What is your favorite memory from your time in London?
12:12 – Favorite part of studying in London?
12:26 – What made you want to apply for the MA in London and move there?
13:13 – What place did you love the most in the UK?
13:25 – What was your favorite class you took in London?
13:58 – Nando’s or Wagamamas?
14:37 – What are your thoughts on Europe/ the places you visited?
15:40 – Is the course taught similar in London to Georgia?
15:58 – How did you and all of your friends meet?
16:15 – What were your favorite foods in Europe that you can’t get at home?
16:51 – Any food recommendations?
17:11 – What places do you have on your list to visit when you’re back that you haven’t seen yet?
17:58 – What is your favorite park in London so far?
18:11 – Would you consider London walkable? Looking for a new location!
18:29 – Where would your ideal area be to live in London if money wasn’t a factor?
18:45 – Do you feel your style has changed since living in London?
19:56 – You live in such a nice place, have loads of great friends and fam, and seem to be having so much fun… why London instead?
22:19 – Can you comment on how differences in portion size and amount of walking affected your weight and appetite? Did you find it easier to stay in shape in London?
23:29 – Were you able to choose the dorm you stayed at, or was it assigned to you?
24:22 – Conclusion 🙂

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