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How to Diversify like a Wall Street Pro | Investing for Beginners

In this video, I introduce you to four of the most legendary investors on Wall Street and their thoughts on diversification before summarising them in a way that is friendly for beginners. I talk about the meaning of diversification, diversification strategy, summarise the diversification tips and advice that these four investors have given us and generally give you different ways to approach diversification.

➤ DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice, this is simply my opinion. You should always do your own research before investing!

➤ Links in the video:
Ray Dalio discusses the stock market, stimulus, bitcoin, China, and taxing the wealthy:
Ray Dalio weighs in on financial markets, a history of world order and central banks plus more:
Ray Dalio’s introspective look at financial world order, inequality and capitalism:
Ray Dalio on his ‘Holy Grail of Investing’:
Ray Dalio’s current holdings:
Ray Dalio’s All Weather Portfolio:
Warren Buffet on diversification:
What a ‘moat’ is in the context of value investing:
Analysis of Michael Burry’s investment strategy:
Michael Burry’s holdings:
How Bill Hwang got back into banks’ good books — then blew them up:

➤ Timestamps:
0:00 – Introduction
0:48 – Setting the scene
1:32 – Ray Dalio
5:07 – Warren Buffett
6:34 – Michael Burry
9:16 – Peter Lynch
10:48 – Summary

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