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FABIAN by Dominik Graf | Germany | European Shooting Stars | Berlinale | Trailer

🎬 FABIAN by Dominik Graf
🏆 starring Albrecht Schuch, this years #EuropeanShootingStar from Germany

💬 Fabian (Tom Schilling), Germanist and copywriter, drifts through Berlin in the late twenties. During the day he works in the advertising department of a cigarette factory, at night he drifts with college friend Labude (Albrecht Schuch) through underground pubs, brothels and artist studios. Against the background of a society that is increasingly divided between Communists and National Socialists, Labude dreams of a class revolution, but Fabian observes the political events in a fatalistic and ironic way. When Fabian meets the self-confident Cornelia (Saskia Rosendahl) in an artist’s studio, he falls hopelessly in love and blossoms. But then Fabian also falls victim to the wave of layoffs and loses his job – while Cornelia makes a career as an actress.

European Shooting Stars 2021, Berlinale, Trailer


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