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Coin Travel Vlog Euro Banknote Bridges in Spijkenisse The Netherlands and 2 Euro Coin Bonus Hunt

we found the following 2 Euro coins in the Euro Coin Hunt while Coin Roll Hunting

2 Euro Circulating commemorative coin

Finland 2005 – Finland in UN – Mintage 1,948,394 rare

France 2010 – Speech June 1940 – Mintage 19,970,000

Germany F 2007 – Treaty of Rome – Mintage 8,000,000
Germany G 2008 – Hamburg – Mintage 6,300,000
Germany J 2013 – Baden Württemberg – Mintage 6,300,000
Germany J 2015 – 25y German Unity – Mintage 6,300,000
Germany G 2019 – Berlin Wall – Mintage 4,570,000

Ireland 2007 – Treaty of Rome – Mintage 4,640,112

Netherlands 2015 – EU Flag – Mintage 973,000 rare

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German Mintmarks
A – Berlin
D – Munich
F – Stuttgart
G – Karlsruhe
J – Hamburg


What is a rare coin?
Rare Coins I personally consider any 2 Euro coin with a mintage under 2 Million.

Which Coins do I keep ?
I keep 2 coins of each type. One for my own collection, one to swap and all 2 Euro coins if mintage is under 2 Million.

What to do with all the other coins ?
Either spending while shopping or pay them back into my bank account.

Where do I get the 2 Euro coin rolls from ?
I get the rolls from a coin roll ATM at my dutch bank.

What is the fee to get the coin rolls ?
30 cents per Roll

Link to an overview of Euro coins @ European Central bank

The Camera I use is the Canon G7x Mark2
Joby Tripod with Ball Head 5k
My video editing software is DaVinciResolve
As graphics software I use GIMP
To create Thumbnails I also use Open Office Impress

As Coin Database I use Numista

Originally published at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0RrVj23i6A

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