This video is about our city break to Bordeaux and the best things to do in Bordeaux on a budget.

This video is a guide of what to do in Bordeaux 2019. Bordeaux travel guide 2019

It features a French wine tour in Saint-Émilion (a French commune in France).

Bordeaux wine is famous around the world and for good reason. The wine tour was in the top 10 best things to do in Bordeaux

The electric bike wine wine tour was amazing and one of the best things to do in Bordeaux. We caught the train from Bordeaux to Saint-emilion which was very easy and affordable to do on a budget.

We also went on a 20 euro Bordeaux bakery tour of the city where we went to the best bakeries in Bordeaux France – also one of the best things to do when you visit Bordeaux.

We visited in July and there was a heatwave in the city of Bordeaux. The Bordeaux weather was extremely hot and sunny.

Flights from London to Bordeaux (or just flight to Bordeaux airport in general) are very reasonable with easyjet. You can also get the train to Bordeaux from London or from Paris.

We stayed in an airbnb in Bordeaux and it was reasonably priced and very comfortable. But there are lots of hotel Bordeaux, which are also available in the city.

We also rode around the city on bird electric scooters and visited the Darwin project in Bordeaux (a must see attraction in Bordeaux)

Best things to do in Bordeaux:
Best Bordeaux Bakery tour = 2:08
Darwin project = 8:44
Bird scooters = 8:04
Airbnb Accommodation: 1:33
Saint-Émilion Wine tasting = 5:59

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