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10 Countries With No Military Forces


10 Countries With No Army | The world’s biggest countries without armed forces | Most Peaceful Countries

With the world getting hostile each day, countries are backing up their armed forces like never before. More and more soldiers are being recruited and trained to use the never ending stock of arms and weapons the country possesses. Whoa, that kinda scares us buddy! But we can bring solace to your thumping hearts. Confused? Well, when the rest of the world is aiming to strengthen their defense, there are a few countries that have practically no armed forces! Gutsy, we should say! Whatever you may call them, they surely are intriguing. So here’s to the handful countries, let’s bow down!

Number 10. Vatican City
Number 9. Andorra
Number 8. Costa Rica
Number 7. Dominica
Number 6. Iceland
Number 5. Mauritius
Number 4. Number Liechtenstein
Number 3. Marshall Islands
Number 2. Tuvalu
Number 1. Samoa

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