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Walter L. Schindler, PhD, JD “Game Changer of the Year” Announces the Publication of New Book The Sustainable Foundation

Walter L. Schindler, PhD, JD, Forms New Partnership to Address Sustainability throughout the World

NEW YORK, LONDON, IRVINE, NY, USA, June 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Only disruptive technology can bridge the growing gap between the supply and demand of energy, water, food, and other global resources.”
— Walter Schindler, speaking at Yale University

Walter L. Schindler, PhD, JD (https://walterschindler.com) continues his path of success in 2022 by releasing his 3rd book The Sustainable Foundation: Bridge to the Future and by being honored internationally as “Game Changer of the Year” for his pioneering work in developing and leading Transformation LLC (https://transformationholdings.com) to pursue profitable sustainable investment strategies and advisory services. This is the seventh consecutive year he has received the international Award of “Game Changer of the Year.”

Walter L. Schindler is now adding creative leaders with Kat McFarlin and John DeMarco to create a new added dimension of Transformation: a new “fifth dimension” of consulting services and distribution group The Sustainable Foundation Group, LLC to provide creative advisory support to all forms of sustainability, including advertising verticals, investment vehicles, empowering blockchain and artificial intelligence as well as adding editorial disciplines that stretch across all strategic forms of media platforms.

In past years, Dr. Schindler (https://walterschindler.com/) has been recognized as “Game Changer of the Year” by the London online magazine Lawyer International for the Legal 100 – 2020 awards. In addition, Dr. Schindler has received similar recognition by ACQ5 Magazine and Finance Monthly Magazine. The Lawyers International Legal 100 – 2020 Awards are given to 100 leading firms and individuals within their area of specialization, typically after review of over 100,000 submissions of third-party nominations.

Starting in 2017, Dr. Schindler, as Chairman and CEO, has been focusing on his latest business venture Transformation, LLC (https://www.transformationholdings.com/). He recently added Managing Directors in order to focus more on Europe and on Nutrition and Human Health.

Transformation represents an innovative business model that leverages a small amount of equity capital with valuable strategic advisory, fund advisory, and project development services so that there are multiple paths to large profits with a lower risk profile.

Under Schindler’s leadership, Transformation’s mission is to address the sustainability challenges of the real world with profit objectives that are based on market returns on equity. The goal of Transformation is to nurture “sustainability for the present and the future of the world.”

The Sustainable Foundation Group is going to create this new multi-dimensional partnership with major distribution platforms to Amazon.com as well as in bookstores.

In the poignant and compelling memoir, The Sustainable Foundation: Bridge to the Future, Walter L. Schindler, Ph.D., J.D., shares a passionate and riveting story about our environment and its powerful impact on our lives. From a nostalgic and profound perspective, Dr. Schindler reveals the ravages the environment had on his family and the world.

As a boy growing up along the Mississippi River, Schindler could see the pollution and he knew that pollution was a formidable foe. The problem was he didn’t know what could be done or how to fight back. Yet, he never abandoned his goal to win the battle against pollution. With determination, wisdom and a healthy dose of serendipity, Schindler’s moving, and thought-provoking memoir reveals the solution for which the world longs. It’s much simpler than we ever imagined.

Take this journey with Dr. Schindler and you’ll find yourself on the Bridge to the Future with a revitalized and beautiful world before you.

“Walter’s experience, writing ability, and desire to tell his story encourage us to continue to showcase these amazing stories from the lens of various authors. The Sustainable Foundation Group is looking forward to working with Walter to release to the public The Sustainable Foundation: Bridge to the Future and give global sustainability seekers the story they’ve been wanting,” said John DeMarco, Chief Operating Officer of The Sustainable Foundation Group.

The Sustainable Foundation Group executive explained, “The second I spoke to our executive team at Sustainable Foundation Group, I immediately realized that The Sustainable Foundation: Bridge to the Future was a great match for our sales and acquisitions team leveraging our publishing and distribution channels. We’re extremely excited to release Dr. Schindler’s book and grateful to be collaborating with numerous distribution outlets and advertising teams that understand the importance of The Sustainable Foundation: Bridge to the Future and making us a part of the project. I’m beyond excited to release the adaptation so the viewers can experience Walter’s story.”

“I am thrilled and excited to form The Sustainability Foundation Group. For decades and decades, there are many stories of Americans trying to educate themselves on sustainability, but now we have the opportunity to be truly international,” in the words of Author Walter Schindler.

Dr. Schindler further stated: “I wish to acknowledge publicly with deep gratitude the encouragement of H.R.H The Princess Royal (Princess Anne), who held a private reception and dinner in my honor in November 2016 at St. James Palace. She then stated her generous words “to encourage you” when I asked her why she organized the reception and dinner. And in 2017 she organized another special event at Marlborough House for leaders of the British Commonwealth.”

“I’ve known John DeMarco’s executive team for many years and am thrilled for them to expose nonfiction true life experiences to yearning readers,” said Jon Gleason VP of Global Distribution and Acquisitions. “Each brings substantial experience and expertise, and they will be instrumental in facilitating Walter’s narrative and intriguing story as well as his business acumen to further bring awareness on the Global Sustainability Awareness vertical.”

The Sustainable Foundation Group executive team focuses on diverse, true stories that push the human elements and create compassionate and compelling memories that foster creative feedback and evoke emotion. The reader is able to touch and to feel the fabric of the narrative becoming an integral part of the journey. Along with our unique team of executives that range from industry veterans and entrepreneurial influencers to our driven marketing division headed by our talented and innovative female team, The Sustainable Foundation Group, LLC will focus on stories that entertain, educate and tug at the heart strings.

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