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Inspired from Real Events – NFTS by XRP Consultants LLC Pays Tribute to the Heroes of Canadian Convoy

A true test of faith where the people of Canada delivered. Now, XRP Consultants want to memorize it by capturing it all in the form of highly collectable NFTs.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — XRP Consultants LLC, A crypto educational platform that is dedicated to bringing awareness to the prospects of cryptocurrency, especially the opportunities NFTs have to offer, has released a dedicated NFT collection of 990 1-2D pieces. The NFT is unique in the accord that instead of being ambiguous in nature, it is dedicated to the remembrance of a real-world event that signifies the resolve of the Canadian people to stand by the truth, freedom, and liberty.

According to Erland Edwards, the owner of XRP Consultants LLC,

“This was no ordinary event; besides its extraordinary proportions and the notion it was built around, it represented the most fundamental human values. Society as a whole should never cease the remembrance of their efforts and we are going to make sure it will never be put behind our backs like so many events before this.”

About The Event

Everyone knows about the Freedom Convoy Protest in Ottawa, Canada where for an entire week, a remarkably long convoy of big rigs drove across the country, only to arrive at the capital and protest against the totalitarian measures instilled by the liberal government of the prime minister, Justin Trudeau. Starting in the January of this year, the protest was held to voice against the vaccine mandates and COVID-19 measures for the truckers crossing the US-Canada borders.

The measures implemented would have required unvaccinated Canadian drivers to be quarantined once they had crossed over the border to return back to Canada. This naturally didn’t sit well with several coalitions of truckers along with conservatives who began their protest in Western Canada and organized a cross-country drive that was later dubbed the Freedom Convoy.

The overreaching pandemic measures started picking support as it continued the march towards the east, turning into a semi-nationwide protest where thousands of people came out to show their support for the truckers. This included celebrities like British comedian Russel Brand, globally acclaimed podcaster Joe Rogan, and Donald Trump Jr., the son of the former president of the USA.

Dubbing the dictatorial measures as the theft of hope and choice, truckers demanded that these measures be reversed. More than just a “small fringe minority” as dubbed by the Prime Minister, the convoy received unprecedented support nationwide and was titled the “Symbol of Fatigue & Division” felt across Canada over the course of two years of the pandemic.

Sadly, the government ended the entire ordeal on a sour note by using brute force and freezing around 206 bank accounts along with flagging over 250 Bitcoin addresses along with various local and international cryptocurrency exchanges that were found to be facilitating the transactions with the accounts in question.

Though the so-called “peace and quiet” returns to the streets of Ottawa but at the cost of sacrificing liberty and the values of freedom the country stands for. Salutations to all the brave souls who took to the streets to make sure their voice was heard and the entire ordeal were taken note of by the whole world; as such, XRP Consultants pays homage to all the heroes of the Freedom Convoy by releasing limited edition and highly collectable NFTs to commemorate and immortalize their efforts.

The XRP NFT Collection

According to Erland Edwards, the (THE BEGINNING) is in works by famous NFT artist TigerDen who Mr Edwards believes has exquisitely captured the true spirit of the Freedom Convoy march. The collection will consist of 990 1-2d pieces that will be released in 10 editions and 33 variations. NFTs are taking the global market by storm whereas, in Canada, there are only 5.6% of internet users own NFTs, but that is about to change. The (THE BEGINNING) is dedicatedly made for the Canadian audience and it is hoped that not only it will prompt a great majority to hop abroad the NFT bandwagon, but will also open gates to tons of possibilities to the Canadian audience that Blockchain has to offer.

Although the target market is Canada, NFTs are a global phenomenon, and it can’t be said that they could be restricted to one particular region. Especially when the target market includes all who stand up for truth and freedom. This also includes all the participants and supporters of the convoy such as the participating truckers, veterans, supporting celebrities, the XRP army, and NFT enthusiasts in general.

Presently, the project will be available on the following platforms,

• Sologenic (DEX, XRPL)

• Crypto.com (NFT)

• OpenSea

• Nifty

The Objective of (NFT Name)

The collection has been built in the name of freedom and for the preservation of the historic events that took place in Ottawa this year (2022). The collection is more than just some pieces of art; it is a tribute to the brave individuals who stood up with the freedom convoy.

This includes people of all genders, and races, belonging to all social backgrounds, truckers, celebrities, veterans, XRP army, and crypto/NFT enthusiasts. Ultimately, these NFTS will uphold their value due to their historical significance. The NFTs are available for minting on the (insert blockchain name).

XRP Consultants are also planning giveaways and whitelisting events with the expected date of the launch to be around the 29th of (insert month). As per the significance of the project in the light of the events that inspired its inception, the (NFT name) will be starting its own Discord that will actively provide live dispatch for logistic communications to the truckers.

The freedom convoy was able to deliver its message loud and clear while lifting the veil off of the so-called upholders of the freedom and truth. According to sources, 54% of Canadians were in the favour of ending the COVID-19 restrictions in the poll conducted in the December of 2021. (NFT collection name) will ensure that this attack on freedom may never be forgotten and serve as a cold reminder that the power of art and blockchain combined with the latest digital measures will serve to only commemorate the atrocities of the Trudeau government.

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