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How to deal with CULTURE SHOCK in JAPAN| ALT in Japan

Let me tell you how not to get depressed, culture shocked, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed here in Japan. Just click!

Heeeyyy homies!

It’s been forever, but I’m so happy to be back creating content and sharing with you guys on my crazy journey here in Japan. If you didn’t already know I took some abrupt time off because I crazily decided to embark on a journey to learn to drive in Japan even though I speak no Japanese lol (video coming soon).
I initially thought it would have been pretty easy and I would have time to film edit and upload videos without having to make you all any the wiser lol. But alas it wasn’t so.

Nonetheless, This weeks video is one that is quite overdue as I promised you all a couple weeks ago that I would share some tips with you of how I have dealt with culture shock in Japan. I hope at least one of these tips will help you out if you are here in Japan or will be coming to Japan sometime in the future!

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Hi there!

Welcome to my little space on Youtube! I’m so happy you found me and decided to read all the way to down here! since I have your attention let me introduce myself!

My name is Tomi-ane I am a 23 year old Jamaican baddie living and teaching English out here in Japan! I am a Capricorn since we say that now lol. Also, over here I like to tell you stories of my crazy life, take you along on my solo travel/ regular peoplely travel adventures and share tips and tricks about life in Japan, teaching English in Japan and getting from your country to Japan!

I hope you stay for a while!

xoxo my loves!

#moving abroad


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