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Freetown Christiania | Walking Tour | Copenhagen City | Denmark Travel | RoamerRealm

This video is about Freetown Christiania | Walking Tour | Copenhagen City | Denmark Travel | RoamerRealm

Copenhagen has always been a wonderful city to visit. The modern city is a definition of ‘order’ and is thrived by a fine public transit system that works. Especially their metro, it’s state of the art and brings you in the close vicinity of most of the important parts of the city – Freetown Christiania

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Now, we all know that Copenhagen can be expensive, SO, the daily pass for 80 Krone is a rather affordable way to move around and explore the city. That’s what I did anyway.

Christianshaven is a beautiful area which used to be the main port and the commercial center untill 1920s when the modern harbour came about. Back in the 17th and 18th century, most of these buildings were warehouses.

If you’re navigating on foot without a map, worry not – enjoy the hike with these beautiful views and let “Our Savior’s Church”, the center piece of Freetown Christiania , be your homing beacon to reach there. This beautiful landmark can be seen from all over town and if you climb on top, you will also be rewarded with breathtaking view of the entire city!

A few mins walk from the Church and we’re here. This is Freetown Christiania , a place where life is lived at a very different pace. Established in 1971 from military barrack foundation, the self governed hippie haven of Denmark, is a city within the city of Copenhagen and is home to around 1500 people who make their own rules and, fueled by creativity, shape their own future.

More about the place coming up in the video, but first, here is what I had to say when I was there:

“Free Your Life”, make your own choice, is the motto that this places lives by. That, along with the liberal attitude of residents towards soft drugs which are grown and sold here, is an invite that’s drawn tourists from all over the world in huge numbers.

Contrary to popular tourist belief, Freetown Christiania is not full of gang members and drug dealers, their is a lot of different types of people, hippie’s, students, homeless and literally every type of person, it’s a peaceful place where you can relax and chill out (if you want) or just maybe go sightseeing or have some food, it’s not a low-life trash hole like most other people describes it.

Freetown Christiania houses around 65-70 self built homes. You won’t find any cars or advertisement hoardings here, simply cuz they’re NOT allowed!

Drugs are illegal in Denmark, yet here in the Pusher street, the ‘pushers’ indulge in an organized open trade of the same which has thus caused dramatic showdowns with the Danish Police. Needless to say that the pushers don’t like the police or unaware tourists who go about clicking photos in the Pusher street despite signs clearing stating the obvious i.e. “No Photos”

Well, Freetown Christiania isn’t only about the Pusher street. The city within the city is actually quite large and the area is about a standard 18 hole golf course. There are cafes, pubs, open bars, restaurants etc. Every Sunday in the summer, there is a thing called Nemoland. It’s a concert-like thing where different artists come to play music for the people that live and visits Christiania. The money that you spend here is vital to Christiania’s survival.

So, overall, I would say that depending on your perspective, the place will either qualify as a shanty town full of oddly painted buildings and colorful houses along with hippies and soft drugs OR a do your own things haven of creativity, peace and freedom. Which one is your version? Let me know in your comments below!

Thank you for watching this video about Freetown Christiania !

Originally published at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzcIsXFxBHw

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