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5 Best London Markets! | Exploring Together ENGLAND #4 🇬🇧

Want to know where which market should you visit in London? Watch this video! I first visit Portobello Market where you’ll find old antique beautiful things so see and buy. Then we head to Borough that has an extraordinary diversity of food and great views to the Shard and Southwark Cathedral. Lately we head to old spitalfields which, in my opinion, was cool to go but it turned to be the “less good” one. Close to spitasfield is shoreditch where we’ll have lots of fun enjoying the street art and getting to know the history of Bricklane and finally, we’ll head up to Camdem Town that was a lots of fun to explore.

FYI – I did this video a Wednesday. It is fair comparison as it isn’t the pick day of neither of the markets and, at least from a tourist perspective, you might have just weekdays to visit them so it will give proper feedback on how the market actually is.

5 Best London Markets! Summarized:
Portobello 1:12
Borough 3:37
Old Spitalsfield 5:17
Brick Lane 6:25
Camden 9:00
Conclusion 10:42

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