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Advocacy in Action: Improving Clinical Trials Information in Europe

Vital Options presents Advocacy in Action (AIA), in partnership with the ESMO Cancer Patient Working Group and in collaboration with the ECCO Patient Advisory Committee. This six-part AIA Forum will bring together influential leaders in cancer advocacy, to address the core issues that impact cancer survivorship.

Joining Vital Options CEO, Selma Schimmel, will be AiA co-chair Lorenz Jost, Chair of the ESMO Cancer Patient Working Group, joined by co-moderators Stella Kyriakides, Chair of ECCO Patient Advisory Committee and Europa Donna; Cora Honing European Cancer Leagues (Dutch Cancer Society); Louis Denis, Europa Uomo; Richard Sullivan, Eurocancercoms PatientView Survey; Francesco De Lorenzo, European Cancer Patient Coalition; and Jan Geissler of CML Advocates Network. Special guest, ESMO President David Kerr, will join leading patient advocates across disease areas in this vital discussion for the European and international cancer patient community.


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