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2016 Europe Trip (Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Munich)

This might be a long description but here goes! Day 1 Oct 10th, We started out in Mainz, Germany. While there we went on the Rhine River for a cruise. We saw multiple broken castles and fortresses. After the cruise we went and saw the Schloss Heidelburg(castle), which is in Heidelburg, Germany, there they had the world’s largest wine barrel. Day 2 Oct 11th we was in Breitnau, Germany, there they had cuckoo clocks and a LARGE cuckoo clock. From there we went and saw the Rhine Falls, which is in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland. From there we went into the city of Lucerne, Switz(by far my favorite) Day 3 Oct 12th, we went to Mount Pilatus which is located in Kreins, Switz. Very beautiful scenery up there! From the top of the mountain we took a train cart down for a scenic view. At the bottom a boat awaited us to go on a cruise on Lake Lucerne. After which we went back into the city and did some sight seeing. Day 4 Oct 13th, we was on our way to Liechtenstein which is a very very small country. Only 62 square miles in total. Didn’t spend long there because there really isn’t much to see. From there we was on our way to see Ludwig II castle. Located in Schwangau, Germany. Snapped some pics of his castle and the surrounding scenery. After that we was headed to Innsbruck, Austria. Day 5 Oct 14th, we saw a nice cathedral and then we was headed toward Wattens, Austria where the Swarovski Crystal factory is. Toured the crystal factory and got some good shots and enjoyed the scenery outside. Had a nice backdrop of mountains and rolling hills. Day 6 Oct 15th, we saw a nice cathedral that was under renovation to kick the morning off right, after that we headed toward Salzburg, Austria. That’s the hometown of the famous composer Mozart. There they had beautiful gardens, love lock bridge, cathedrals, some historic buildings, and we got an overview of the city. Day 7 Oct 16th, we left Salzburg and was headed to the Eagles Nest. That is Hitler’s teahouse also it’s located in Berchtesgaden, Germany. Learned some history while up there and got some amazing views overlooking Germany. From there we headed back toward Salzburg and stopped by Anif, Austria. There we visited the Hellbrunn Gardens where the “Sound of Music” gazebo is located at. From there we headed toward Munich. We were attending a famous beerhall that night called the Houfbrauhaus. They had giant 1 liter steins of beer. Day 8 Oct 17th, we saw the BMW headquarters and Olympiapark to kick the morning off and was headed to Nymphenburg Palace to get a group photo of everybody that was on tour with us. After that we headed into town and saw a bunch of high end stores and stopped by to see the Rathaus-Glockenspiel, which was very cool. Then we hit up a few cathedrals that were around and they was badass!! After the cathedrals we got back on the bus and was headed toward Dachau, Germany. There is a concentration camp memorial there. It was very grim considering what went down there. A nice history lesson that’s for sure! After that we would end off the night by having a group meeting and a toast sort of. We all gave each other hugs and wishes everyone the best. Once we left that location we would all be parting ways and. Day 9 Oct 18th, this was the day where we got back on the plane and flew back across the pond and was on our way home. It was a very spectacular trip with a bunch of beautiful sights and had history involved too. Would definitely do it again! Hope you guys enjoy the compilation of all the photos. If I can work on something be sure to put it in the comment section down below. I have a few more trips that I will do the same thing as in this video so you guys just stick around. I got Dubai, South Africa, Cuba, and Iceland to do.

Originally published at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXrLHEG9eJg

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