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Whither Agtech in India – Research perspective study from Sathguru

Know the trends in agtech applicaiton in India with performance-based valuation perspectives.

HYDERABAD, TELENGANA , INDIA, May 19, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Whither agtech in India?
The global agriculture ecosystem is facing constant pressure of feeding the rapidly growing population. Significant shrinkage of farm holdings, labor shortage, overexploitation of farm resources, excessive post-harvest loss, lack of transparency in price discovery and weak market linkage, etc., are prevailing challenges that confound the system’s overall functionality. Today major value chain stakeholders foresee potential for technology-led interventions as a solution that can ensure sufficient food production and sustainable use of natural resources through technological interventions.

A recent report on Whither Agtech in India? – Performance & Prospects released by Sathguru Management Consultants throws light on the current state of the agtech players, the potential for their sustainability and the prospects for growth, duly factoring in challenges and opportunities. Sathguru’s report discusses global perspective on India’s significant research and innovation trends and provide an in-depth outlook of PE/VC investment, specifically across Indian agtech segments. It further draws valuable insights on the investment deployment sustainability, scalability constraints and operational viability of agtech players offering different spheres of services such as input trading, output trading, farm services, and quality testing models of engagement with the farmers and the market that were hitherto practiced only by large agri and food enterprises.

Sathguru’s agtech report scrutinizes the appropriateness of valuations gained by several new-age enterprises at several fold of established players with years of engagement in a similar sphere of product or service delivery. It further underlines the funding requirements by top players to sustain in the market and acute market competitiveness and scope of sustainability for the rest of the ventures.

Sathguru’s agtech report derives the future outlook of the agtech segment. It foresees valuations tapering down drastically to more realistic levels due to investment competitiveness and focus on several business models to engage deeply in segment-based products and services rather than spread across the whole value chain. Furthermore, the report emphasizes the need for regulatory compliance and corporate governance structure for these ventures to gain long-term sustainability. For accessing the report log on to

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