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Press conference on COVID-19 and Intra-action Reviews (IAR)

The purpose of the press conference was to promote real time learning for course correction and improvement of national & subnational COVID-19 preparedness and response through the conduct of intra-action reviews, and the sharing of best practices and experience by countries that have successfully conducted a national COVID-19 intra-action review.

WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, firmly stated that “by reviewing and adapting the current preparedness and response strategies and identifying what is working well and what needs to be strengthened, the review gives countries the opportunity to change the trajectory of the pandemic”. He further explained that these types of reviews could also benefit and contribute to a country’s long-term health security.

Honourable Ministers of Health of Indonesia, Thailand and South Africa shared their experiences in conducting national IARs for COVID-19 and how the implementation of lessons learned from IARs impacted national COVID-19 responses.

More information on IAR can be found here:


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