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Facebook 10,000 Metaverse Jobs, Epic Games Store Welcomes #NFT Games and more news! #crypto #shorts

2021.10.18 – Facebook Metaverse Jobs, EpicGames Store Likes NFT, Bitcoin Mining for Heat, Crypto Bunny Kid’s Book, and more

Facebook announces 10,000 EU jobs to build ‘metaverse’

This photographer is celebrating Stephen Hawking by minting an NFT of his most famous photo

Epic Games Store Will ‘Welcome’ NFT Games After Steam Bans Them

The crypto industry royally screwed up privacy

Apricot Finance Announces Public Launch Of Mainnet For October 19th

U.S. Congressman says majority of tokens are ‘a currency or a commodity’

IPhone Users Beware: Attackers Use Dating Apps To Steal Money In Crypto Scam

Square plans to build new bitcoin mining system: Crypto wrap

Cryptocurrency Is Bunk

Jacobi Bitcoin ETF is cleared for launch

Investment advisers ‘extremely skeptical’ about first U.S. bitcoin ETF: ‘It’s a hard thing’ to recommend ‘an inferior’ crypto product

North Vancouver May Use Bitcoin Mining to Generate Heat, in 2022

Don’t ban their Bitcoin: India’s millennials pull crypto out of the shadows

Senator Lummis Thanks God for Bitcoin as the US Raises Debt Ceiling

Bitcoin Fraud, My Experience With A Professional Scammer.

How The Rise of Splinterlands Is Signaling The Rise Of Blockchain Gaming


Crypto asset and blockchain hub to be created in Dubai

Check out this weird kid’s book about a time traveling rabbit who invents the blockchain


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