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Mexico: Mayan Mystery and Marine Majesty – Mexico Travel Documentary

In their Mexico travel adventure video, Greg and Felicity travel from Teotihuacan, through the Mayan ruins east Mexico, and on to the incredible marine life including the whales of Magdalena Bay and the Whale Sharks of La Paz.

This video tells the story of travels across Mexico, from their first ruins in Teotihuacan , through a journey that takes them between the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula to finish up at the jungle temples of Calakmul. From there they go on to encounter some of the largest marine species in the world in Baja California, and in particular the Magdalena Bay Whales at the Magdalena Bay Whale Watching Camp and the Whale Sharks of La Paz.

With historical information about the Mayan ruins, beautiful scenery, whales, whale sharks and sea-lions, and a lot of fun and excitement make this a Mexico travel adventure for all to enjoy!

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The places we visited on this adventure are:

Start: 00:00:00
Teotihuacan: 00:00:45
El Tajin: 00:03:49
Chichen Itza: 00:08:57
Uxmal: 00:11:58
Palenque: 00:15:48
Yaxchilan: 00:21:18
Agua Azul and Misol-Ha Waterfalls: 00:22:35
Calakmul: 00:24:03
Xenotes Oasis Maya Tour: 00:28:48
Cenote Dos Ojos: 00:30:40
Xel-Ha Park: 00:32:06
Isla Mujeres: 00:34:29
MUSA Underwater Art Museum: 00:35:32
Isla Mujeres Turtle Sanctuary: 00:35:57
Baja California: 00:36:32
Magdalena Bay Whales: 00:37:36
Carasuva Ranch Horse Riding Tour: 00:46:08
La Paz Carnival: 00:46:42
Swimming with Whale Sharks and Sea Lions in La Pax (Mexplore): 00:47:29

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Mexico – Mayan Mystery and Marine Majesty: From the jungle ruins of the ancient Maya to the incredible whales off the coast of Magdalena Bay, Greg and Felicity’s debut travel adventure video was an epic travel around Mexico!

Originally published at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfMpD868MHU

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