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One of Europe's smallest countries – The beautiful Liechtenstein (Vaduz city)

Liechtenstein is the sixth smallest country in the world and it is located between Austria and Switzerland, with the size of only 162 square kilometers. The country is located in the Upper Rhine Valley in the European Alps and is one of the only 2 doubly landlocked countries in the world. It is Europe’s last absolute monarchy/principality, and its monarchs are the richest royals in Europe. The Capital of the country is Vaduz with only around 5400 people. One interesting fact about this country is that there are more registered companies and jobs than there are people. This means that the country is very rich and has the most exports per capita per person. They use Swiss Franc as their currency and they speak German language but with a certain dialect. Liechtenstein has no airport so the best way to go there is through Austria or Switzerland by train or car. It is a perfect side trip when you are already near the boarder of these 2 countries.

Tip: You can have your passport stamped at the Toursim/ post office in Vaduz for around 3 euros.

00:00 – View from the bus from Buch, Switzerland to Vaduz, Liechtenstein
03:09 – The Cathedral of St. Florin
04:30 – Vaduz Main Square
04:50 – Lantag (Parliament Building)
06:17 – National Museum
06:40 – Liechtenstein Center – Tourism Office where you can have the passport stamp
07:38 – Postage Stamp Museum
09:07 – Kunstmuseum
10:42 – Vaduz Castle at the top
10:59 – Vaduz City Hall
11:56 – Vaduz Castle (Prince’s Castle)

Other places to see in Liechtenstein:
Malbun (With Ski resort
Schatzkammer Treasure chamber
Balzer’s castle

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