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NFT news today || Your daily dose of crypto and NFT news ||

NFT news today || Your daily dose of crypto and NFT news ||

You are watching NFT and crypto buzz. We bring you everything that’s happening in the world of crypto and NFTs.

So lets begin !

Ukrainian Boxer Wladimir Klitschko releases NFT Collection to Support Relief Effort. All proceeds will be donated to the Ukraine Red Cross and UNICEF as Russia’s invasion continues.

Red Bull ventures into NFTs and the metaverse with trademark filings.
European Parliament Proposes Expanding ‘Travel Rule’ to Every Single Crypto Transaction.

FTX announced that it would expand its empire with a push into Europe after securing approval from financial regulators in Cyprus.

Thailand Drops Plans to Impose 15% Crypto Withholding Tax. Thailand has dumped plans to impose a crypto withholding tax in a move that has been welcomed by the kingdom’s traders.

Shopify changes its profile picture to Doodles #6902.

Jianhao Tan, a popular Singaporean influencer, bought BAYC #4302.
Biden Signs Crypto Executive Order Promoting “Responsible Innovation”.

The long-awaited executive order sets high-level goals for federal policy, but the details are yet to become clear.

State Street Corp partners with London-based Copper.co to offer custodial services on cryptocurrencies for institutional customers.

Dubai is the latest government to roll out Crypto Law. The emirate’s latest digital asset law proposal excludes NFTs.

Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao has noted the exchange’s plans to expand its investments outside the crypto industry.

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