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COVID climbs again as UK Govt slashes ZOE surveillance

This week Tim shares some disappointing news about the ZOE COVID Study funding, though we’re committed to still running the study and are grateful to our parent company ZOE for agreeing to continue supporting us with both COVID surveillance and exploring other health conditions like cancer, heart disease and dementia. Tim explores some research linking COVID to some of these conditions, and shares an update on the new health profiles launched last week.

NB: The weight change graph at 15:05 shows average weight reduction from 2020 to 2022, so those in the 75+ age group have lost the most weight, and those in the youngest age group have gained weight.

Blog on cancer and gut health:

Nature paper on covid and long term cognition decline:

Nature paper on heart disease and covid:

If you’d like to share with the government the value you see the ZOE Health Study providing in the coming years, then perhaps there’s still a chance for the government to be part of the funding solution. Please be respectful and constructive as we are very grateful for our funding over the last 18 months. The email for Dr Harries who runs the UKHSA is enquiries@ukhsa.gov.uk

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