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Disturbing Health & Beauty Fads From The Victorian Era | Answers With Joe

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Here we go again. I recently covered the Victorian Era but today I want to point out the incredibly weird health and beauty practices that Victorians were into back in the day.

As I say in the video, Victorian medicine was a mix of terrible old ideas and terrible new ideas, from people drinking radioactive water to eating ground-up mummies our transition to the modern medical system we see today hit some interesting bumps in the road.

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
1:26 – Weird Victorian Medicine
5:53 – They Did Weird Things To Look Good
8:11 – Women Had It Rough
13:14 – Barbershop Quartets
15:30 – They Ate Mummies (And Were Obsessed With Egypt)
20:38 – Conclusion
22:13 – Sponsor Read


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