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Texan Forced to Defend Her Own Rights

Citizen faces off with the Texas court system for equity

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 27, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Women Against Legal Abuse, Inc. founder, Wendy Meigs, fights to secure the rights of individuals who have been misrepresented by their own lawyers. After working with numerous lawyers in a case to regain ownership of her grassroots company, she realized that certain crucial facts of the case failed to reach the ears of the courts. “I believe these lawyers had a conflict of interest in my representation,” Meigs said. “It almost felt like they were supporting each other rather than supporting myself as their client.”

One such issue of inequality presented itself in the form of document tampering as presented in the Petition to the U.S Supreme Court Case 21-1309. Meigs happened to notice, after a court document submission, that the document failed to be loaded to the docket by the court and indicated the document did not exist. Her actual submission of proof, on the other hand, shows nothing of the sort. As a pro-se plaintiff with no background in law, these details could be easily overlooked and completely change the outcome of her case.

Although Meigs brought this and other examples of legal negligence to light, the courts have not yet provided any acknowledgement or resolution to this situation. “Equity is required for fairness,” Meigs said. “Where is the equity when the individual citizen is ignored while rightfully standing up for herself?” She asks for those in similar situations to join her fight by contacting her through info@womenagainstlegalabuse.org.

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