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London Markets: 1-Minute Roundup

As a New Yorker who recently moved to London, you can only imagine my excitement when I heard that Food52 was doing a London-focused series of features. There is so much to do in this city, and I am in hardcore exploration mode.

I’ve been walking this city pretty much nonstop since I landed, going to supper clubs and, yes, hitting up the city’s markets. London markets are “a thing” for a reason. I got an early glance at Rachel Felder’s London Market roundup, and it is an excellent piece. She’s the author of the new book “Insider London” and she gets the variety of markets and their vibes spot on.

The markets are all open various days of the week, so I’ve made a spreadsheet so I know when each is open (which I highly recommend you do, too, if you come to visit).

Let me expound on Rachel’s fantastic roundup; here’s my breakdown on the market scene in London.

The 1-minute recap includes:
Maltby Street Market (open Saturdays and Sundays)
Druid Street Market (open Saturdays)
Borough Market (full market open Wednesdays-Saturdays)
Broadway Market & Schoolyard Market (open Saturdays)
Leather Lane Market (open weekdays)
Marylebone Market (open Sundays)
Partridges Market (open Saturdays)
Berwick Street Market (open Mondays-Saturdays)
Camden Market (open every day)
Brick Lane (open Sundays)

There is no question that London markets have a strong history and tradition, but they are constantly evolving. And at the moment, they are full force and definitely food-focused. New vendors and companies are popping up all the time.

Markets are more than fun and delicious. Markets are meaningful. I couldn’t be more excited to be living in the city, where they are thriving.

I hope you can visit London and see experience it for yourself!

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