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30 Minutes Workout – Virtual Scenery – Treadmill / Exercise Machine (Cotswolds UK) 1080/60fps

Treadmill? Exercise bike? Cross trainer? Rowing machine? Flying carpet? Beat the boredom with a virtual tour around the picturesque Hobbit Shires of Gloucester and the Cotswolds, while you work out for a full 30 minutes. SEE NOTES BELOW REGARDING SPEED…
The music was made by me and I acknowledge not to everyone’s tastes, so do feel free to mute and use your own music :o)
(Best enjoyed at full 1080p @ 60 frames per second)

SPEED NOTES: I’ve had some feedback comments regarding the speed of the video not being “realistic” and not accurately representing running or walking. Before publishing, I experimented creating the video at various jogging or cycling speeds, but found with the slower speeds, the visuals got tedious very quickly.

In the end I settled for real-time driving speed which provides sufficient changes of scenery to keep the visuals interesting, bearing in mind most people will be using this video as a distraction from the tedium of exercise anyway. The faster speed also allows you to see much more of the area than you would do at slower speeds. :o)

Originally published at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCjt9eptadI

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