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NEW PIRATE PARTY health problems growing in Gulf of Mexico BP oil spill

Just as fearless leader predicted .. the Gulf of Mexico toxic dump will produce millions of dead victims this year.

Thanks to Dahr Jamail at Al Jazeera who is one of the first to report accurately that people have been poisoned in the Gulf of Mexico.

Now it’s time for an international news source to report on the people behind this murder.

The first to die from the Corexit toxins in the Gulf will be the little toddlers and babies. Lots of dead babies expected by fearless leader this Christmas.

Old folks and those with preexisting health problems will die off like flies too.

The U.S. senate and house ignore the millions of people murdered by the Whitehouse in the Gulf of Mexico. While the U.S. government is an active participation in this genocide the U.S. media can be faulted for ignoring the biggest mass murder in human history.

The oceans poisoned .. the fish dead .. billions starve. A made for Bollywood horror story.

So long and thanks for all the fish.


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