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Adelaide Hypnotherapy south australia hypnosis Germanophobia Fear of Germany or German culture

How to use
for best results listen at least once or twice a day, start as soon as possible today or tonight and pay attention from the positive changes this hypnotherapy, hypnosis mp3 can help you achieve.

About the Hypnotist Specialist
Clive Westwood has been in self-development and using Hypnosis for over 10 years he first started it because he was suffering from high social anxiety when he was younger and being scared of everyone and everything which led him on the self-help path to discover how he could make the change, during that time he found hypnosis to be the most powerful method to improve his inner self, so he quickly found the best teachers and learned to become an expert hypnotist, He was born and raised in the south east of England, United Kingdom and moved to Australia when he was 22 and now currently lives in Adelaide, Australia where he is now married and runs and owns the company and practice Australian Hypnotherapy, he has helped thousands of people from all over the world and hypnotised people from all walks of life from celebrities to young children.

Clive is a Hypnotherapist working in the garden clinic family medical practice at 348 henley beach road, lockleys, Adelaide, south Australia 5032

He is a respected Authority in his field of Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis and regarded as an expert Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist, he has been seen on channel 9 news and works on 1 on 1 session and also does group hypnosis

Clive Westwood is a certified Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist with the aachp and the national register of Hypnotherapy Australia

Top 5 Misconceptions about Hypnosis
From Respected Leading Authority of Hypnotherapy Clive Westwood
With Hypnotherapy being used more and more for Medical purposes and to help treat many areas of lives it’s important to know the many misconceptions about hypnosis.
The top 5 Misconceptions that Hypnotherapist get asked are:

• You can control people
Under hypnosis it is impossible for the hypnotist to control you, hypnosis is the ability to help you control your own mind the hypnotherapist is a guide
• Hypnosis is a truth Detector
Under hypnosis it is not possible to make someone tell the truth no matter how deep into hypnotherapy they are
• You can make people reveal their secrets
You cannot make anybody tell you news they don’t want to say or any secrets, the client only tells the hypnotist what they want to tell.
• You can get stuck in hypnosis
There is no way to get stuck into hypnosis no matter how deep in trance you are
• When your hypnotised you won’t be able to move
You can move about as you please as you are in a complete relaxed state of mind

With this misconceptions there are many reasons why people still believe them and I can give examples for each but it’s important to realise that they are misconceptions and no matter how deep you go into Hypnosis or which Hypnotherapist you go to that they are not true and never has any Hypnotherapist ever been able to do any of these 5 actions

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