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Bitcoin, Decoupling, Crypto Watershed, Price Action, Chinese Stocks and more

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The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

00:00 Introduction
01:35 What is the most amazing thing you’ve learned in the crypto-verse this Q1?
02:01 Q1, Watershed Moment for Bitcoin
02:30 If you were starting from zero tomorrow, how would you get yourself to financial freedom?
04:23 Starting from Zero – learn learn learn to get to financial freedom
07:10 How can we expect BTC to de-couple from equities before it de-couples from the rest of crypto? If crypto people don’t understand the difference, how can others?
07:25 Bitcoin Decoupling?
09:00 CTO Larsson said that he thought the L1s were not valued correctly in the market today. Did he mean that the L1s are over or undervalued? What do you think?
09:05 CTO Larsson on L1’s
11:40 Your BofA Fees Pay for This Building
11:50 Could Biden’s executive order for crypto regulation, be a pretext for taxation of unrealized gains? If so, does this mean storm clouds on the horizon?
12:05 Let’s Examine the Exec Order
13:50 Where to look for storm clouds?
14:30 Money is flowing into BTC. It’s never been easier to buy BTC. Only ~12% is on exchanges. How is it possible that the price is basically flat for the last year?
14:40 Bitcoin Price Past 2yrs – 1000% Gains
16:00 Why’s the price flat… in 2020
17:00 Bitcoin Price Aug 2019-Aug 2020
17:19 Fundamentals not always = Price Movement
19:15 BTC Perspective
20:20 Your view on BABA, BAIDU & JD – got beaten down recently & look very cheap at the moment, especially regarding Bollinger bands. I already bought some at higher price. DCA?
21:35 BABA, BIDU & JD
22:00 Would you allocate a small portion of your assets to a commodities fund like USCI for an inflation hedge? Jim Rogers has been big on commodities for years.
23:05 Biggest Commodity Boom In History – Doubles+
24:00 Biggest Boom In History – but USCI only up 46%
25:00 USCI Holdings
26:10 Is the Swiss Franc a good way to park some cash for people in Europe, e.g. swap EUR for CHF?
27:40 CHF Highly Valued vs EURO- Dep Rate -0.75%
28:00 CHF:EUR vs CHF:USD
28:20 US M2 vs CH M2
29:15 EUR to CHF Conclusion
29:40 In last Sunday’s Q+A video, Block (SQ) was not mentioned on the list of good stocks to buy – why? Previously you had strong, good comments on it. Something change?
30:05 SQ Position
31:00 Your Contributions, Our Donations – Snow White – Minutes away from dying, this 3-fingered sloth was rushed to critical care and she pulled through! 3-Fingered sloths are heavily affected by habitat loss. Losing trees = losing sloths.
32:00 Crypto Papi – oil hitting $150 per barrel?
34:00 RemyTheWhippet
Seems like most $ is flowing into AVAX/LUNA at the moment. Matter of time before we see SOL run? Or will we see a longer-term consolidation since it had an enormous run last year?
36:00 Cellar Door
in 1981 inflation was at 10% in the US. Also Savings account interest rate was on average 10%! during that time Is there a correlation between inflation rates and savings account rates?
38:00 Thomas Gawthorne
thoughts on aurora and near protocol?
39:20 Jay G
How do you feel about index funds that focus on International Markets such as on that is for both Asian and Europe? MSCI EAFE Index.
40:10 Andrew Wilson
What are your thoughts on projects like Rubic, multi-chain swapping.
41:00 iroc 007
whats to stop someone from making an identical BTC. makes no sense to me. no-one ever talks about it. if it gained adoption would btc b less valuable
42:20 Crypto Creed
Bitcoin vs buying real estate. Thoughts please.
44:00 FutureMillionaire
No question today, just want to appreciate your insight and knowledge you share with us every day. And anyone who gets emotional over animals they sponsor, on their recovery is ok in my book.
44:30 Solomon The HODLR
Love from India James, you’re like the father that I never had and I learned from u a lot and you’re too kind of a person who cares for animals in this space of ShillTubers

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