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Author Marilyn Wassmann’s New Book Highlights Value of Friendships

How naughty kittens warmed an opossum’s heart

PEMBERTON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, April 27, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cookstown, NJ—Opossums are incredible animals who follow their natural schedule. They sleep during the day and look for food at night. Nocturnal beings that they are, they thrive in having their life in reverse, they are awake and active when the moon is out and asleep when the sun is greeting everyone else with its rays. But in Marilyn Wassmann’s book entitled The Opossum and the Cat, the opossum’s world turns upside down when he decided to provide shelter to a cat and her tiny and cute kittens. What follows is an amazing story that will surely captivate the hearts of anyone who reads it.

Marilyn Wassmann is not only an artist but also an art cataloger as well. She completed several degrees in art history, studio art, and library science. Formerly affiliated with the Library of Congress, Marilyn turned to her other passion upon her retirement: writing. To date, she has published several children’s books, contributed to anthologies, and continues to write poetry. She lives in Hyattsville, Maryland with her loving husband Paul and their numerous pets.

With the kittens’ playfulness and mischief disrupting his way of life, the opossum initially found it hard to adjust to his new schedule. However, he soon found out how their presence enriched his life and grew fonder of them as each day passes. His love for them is encapsulated by his heroic efforts to save the kittens when they were in danger. This, coupled with all the fun times they shared, cemented the lasting friendship between the cat family and the opossum.

A perfect gift to anyone, The Opossum and the Cat is a story you would want to share with your loved ones. Get your copy today!

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