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Putin's war: Is he really threatening Eastern Europe? | To the point

As Putin’s war in Ukraine rages on, there’s one terrifying question hanging over eastern Europe: how far will he go?

In Ukraine, NATO’s hands are tied, but: What if Putin chooses to march on – to the Baltic states, to Poland, Slovakia, Romania or Hungary? There are worrying signs that Russia’s leader might be willing to take the ultimate gamble and risk a direct confrontation with NATO. So, on another special edition of TO THE POINT, we ask: “Putin’s war: Is he really threatening Eastern Europe?” Our guests: Karolina Wigura (polish sociologist), Milan Nic (slovacian analyst), Daria Sukharchuk (russian Journalist)

0:00 Is Putin threatening Eastern Europe with war?
3:45 Solidarity and big confusion in Eastern Europe
9:30 Up to 100 percent dependency on Russian gas
11:15 Poland offered fighter jets to Ukraine
16:30 Putin’s expansive plans are frighteningly logical
21:00 Sending weapons to Eastern Europe is not enough
24:00 Putin is a typical 20th century dictator


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