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The Fed Is Crashing The Markets

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In this video, I review the progression from Bretton Woods 1 to Bretton Woods 2, as well as the recent unravelling of the petrodollar standard. We are entering uncharted territory, as the world moves towards a new monetary system. The risk of black swans and volatility and even a stock market crash is very high right now.

If commodities are no longer priced predominantly in US dollars, and US Treasuries are no longer pristine reserve assets, we need to find a new buyer of US Treasuries. Unless it’s extraterrestrials, it is going to need to be the Fed.

The Fed seems hell-bent on continuing to be hawkish, but it will be forced to reverse course and turn the money printers back on once something major blows up.

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Bretton Woods system:

Nixon closes the gold window:

China enters WTO:

Major foreign holders of US Treasuries:

Federal debt held by foreign investors:

Russia dumps US Treasury holdings:

Russia gets its FX reserves cancelled:

Russia/China pipeline agreement:

Saudis may start accepting yuan for crude oil:

Commodities market liquidity problems:

US Treasury market liquidity problems:

Watch the Fed’s balance sheet grow:

US Treasuries held by Fed:

US debt clock:

Fed rate hike probabilities:

LME cancels trades:

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