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MOVIE THEATERS vs CORONAVIRUS (How its Affecting AMERICAN entertainment, Audience & Film Industry)

I went to Movie theaters near me on Friday Prime time to find how CoronaVirus is affecting entertainment industry as the global Pandemic is expanding. I went to 11 movies counting number of audience in the theaters to find if people are avoiding public places. As American governments shutting down schools, colleges, travel and museums the only outdoor entertainment available to public is movies. Amc theaters announced that its reducing its capacity to 50% to the movies playing and in other parts of the world movie theaters are completely shutting down.

Most popular movie with large number of audience is “I still believe” while the foreign language film Baaghi 3 was the least popular movie with zero audience. As celebrities like tom hanks and others caught with coronavirus its posing an alarming situation to all the people in the world. Movie releases are being delayed and theaters are being closed.

Here are Rankings of movies

I still believe ( 22 people )
bloodshot ( 20 people )
The invisible man (20 people)
onward ( 18 people )
Angrezi Medium ( Hindi ) ( 11 people)
The call of the Wild ( 8 people)
EMMA ( 8 people )
The Hunt ( 5 people )
The way back ( 5 people )
Sonic the hedgehog ( 4 people )
Baaghi 3 ( Hindi ) ( 0 people )

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