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Innostar Consortium Presents Harmonya

MONTE CARLO, April 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Harmonya combines four different worlds with music-related activities, traveling necessities, collectible items, and challenges. Harmonya includes four worlds that drastically change from each other. To incorporate different worlds in the metaverse so is exactly what creators Valeria Sinnati and Angelo Pallanca had in mind. Their vision is to let Harmonya grow endlessly with its users.

The brainchilds and developers of Harmonya, Angelo Pallanca and Valeria Sinnati, come from international consulting that focuses on the latest in innovation. They had one of the first Web agencies in Italy and developed some of the early consumer projects in computer vision, augmented reality, and telepresence in travel. Their background has given them the experience needed in order to take the challenge of creating a metaverse game.

In the world of Harmonya there are five floating islands, each with unique and exciting differences. Islands like Waterfall’s Crest, which provides players an impressive soccer stadium on mountainous terrain; or an island called the Event Eclave where players will be able to experience an abundance of concerts, events, and opportunities that showcase what those in the world have to offer.

Harmonya was a collection of ideas from the team with a vast background in many different fields. The team can be described as an international consortium, including well-renowned travel, music, blockchain, and innovation experts. Among the team is a former director of an extensive online travel group from France, a former private banker from Switzerland, and blockchain and game developers from different countries in Europe.

Harmonya is looking for enthusiastic users to join the citizenship waitlist to get early access to NFT land, tokens, and assets from the project! If you are interested in forming and supporting a metaverse project, click the link below to join Harmonya in this unique opportunity!

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Innostar Consortium
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