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7 London Markets to Visit (you never heard of) | Ad | Love and London

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Borough Market is London’s most famous market, and yes it’s fantastic and has so much history, but there are plenty of other markets in London that locals love and that are just as great (and less crowded!) In this video I’m sharing eight Londoner-loved markets that are worth a visit to, whether it’s your first time visiting London or you’ve been here many times before.

Many of these London markets are hidden gems that tourists don’t usually read about. Some of them are centrally located to some of the major London attractions, but many of them require you to venture off the boring, beaten path, because well, that’s where you always find the best stuff when you travel. A few of these London markets have special places in my heart, and I think you’ll find one for yourself too.

This video is sponsored by Bimble, a new app that is great for saving your favourite places, and the gems you want to go to as you think about your post-lockdown travel plans. It’s really easy to use and you can share your lists with your travel buddies or friends.
I’ve made a Bimble list with all of the London markets mentioned in this video, so you always have them and you can easily save your favourites to your own list.
You can see the list by downloading the free Bimble app on iOS or use
The London Markets list is on my Bimble profile:

*All footage was filmed pre-lockdown, obviously!

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About Love and London:
I’m Jess, I’ve lived in London for many years, and this channel is a London travel guide for anyone visiting the city that wants to experience it like you live here. Beyond talking about the usual London attractions, I show you some of the cooler things to do in London, that most travel guides don’t mention. Watch my videos and you’ll feel like you’ve got a Londoner friend telling you the best kept secrets in the city.


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